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See Something You Like? Ch.2(2p! Germany x reader)
You woke up to the obnoxious sound of your alarm clock. You groggily moved your hand to try and stop the blaring beeps. Sitting up you looked at the time, 6:30 a.m. You worked at a little bakery a couple blocks away. It was a local business and you were friends with the owner, Oliver Kirkland. He always dressed nice for work, and his outfits always complimented his features. He had big blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, he was very handsome and very polite.
You got out of bed and walked into the kitchen, coffee was already made and Ly was sitting at the table on her phone, “Morning, thanks for making coffee.” You said and started to pour a mug. “Ly can you give me a ride to work? My car is still in the shop.” She nodded and kept reading whatever was on her phone, “Uuuh, are you good?” You questioned once more. “(y/n) crime rates in the city are going up like crazy. My friend’s dad was killed just the other night along with two other sm
:iconfluffledepuffle:FluffleDePuffle 3 0
Danish Drakes - Shy!ReaderxDragon!Denmark - P0
Danish Drakes – Part 0
A Shy!Reader x Dragon!Denmark story
The tears were starting to cling to your face now, the stains made and almost freezing in the cold night air. You had given up crying and begging your family to come back and rescue you – after-all it had been your destiny to be tied to a stake and await the monster’s fiery breath. Your white dress was very pretty and made of the finest materials, your ____ hair was braided with flowers to make you seem more pure but there was visible fear in your ______ eyes. All this because of the beauty spots upon your back that matched the constellation of Draco in the sky….
For being marked by the dragons, you were going to be fed to the dragons!
As you stood in the cold you sucked in a deep trembling breath and then whispered to the god of your clan to save your life. It was once you had said your piece and the shadows seemed to close around you, a distant rumble made you skin crawl. Goose
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 137 17
2p!America x Reader-Don't go Ch.4
2p!America x Reader- Don’t go Ch.4
WARNING: Slight violence and I guess more cursing than usual.
Al’s P.O.V
What? I slowly started to wake up and I had a slight head ache to make my life even more of a piece of sh*t. Suddenly I realized I was tied to a chair. Not to mention that this giant bright light was being shoved in my f*cking face.
“Good…you finally woke up.”I heard that Italian f*cker’s voice.
“Oh f*cking sh*t no.”I growled.
“You-a don’t seem-a happy to see me.”Luciano smirked.
“What the f*ck do you want?”
“Nothing! This is just-a warning.”Luciano smirked and played with the knife in his hand.
“WHAT THE F*CK FOR!?!”I yelled. Then Luciano glared at me.
“What?”He walked over to me and pressed the knife against my cheek.”Listen you-a idiota! I’m here to f*cking tell ya that what you-a have with (F/n), will-a certainly not last forever.”
“How com
:icondina-soar:Dina-soar 81 26
Pirate!UK x Reader..The Bond's Of Time...Pt 5
Chapter 5-Arthur's Open Heart
Arthur's POV
Arthur nearly choked. Nearly though.
He jumped back in utter shock and surprize gasping for air.
This was a woman. A girl. He was almost beaten by a girl. A GIRL.
More importantly, he almost beat up a girl. He took a step more.
"Bloody hell..." He cried in surprise. His eyes softening as he gazed upon your eyes and your luscious facial features. Even the Great Captain Kirkland was stumbling on his feet. Suddenly, a throbbing pain struck his heart.
That damn curse...He cursed in his mind. He felt strangled. His hand suddenly jerked causing his grip to let go of his sword as it pierced through the wooden floor clattering and shaking.
"Arg!" Britain cried in pain clutching his heart and all the damn scratches.
Even before fighting you he was wounded. His head became dizzy. His vision fogging. Suddenly, he saw you get up. Struggling yourself to remain on your feet.
You took a small step towards him but he only tried to shrivel away.
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 36 18
Pirate!UK x Reader... The Bonds Of Time Pt 4
Chapter 4-GAHHHHH!!!!
You looked at the blonde haired man touching his face softly, running your fingers through his soft shining hair. Suddenly, you jumped backing away.
What was wrong with you?!?
You were taught that men were honorable and Yao always fussed that you would get hurt escaping the palace walls.
But you had done it.
Sure you were scared out of your wits, but this man...had a charm to him. No matter how careless he had been in the bar.
You were capable for once. You were strong.
You suddenly gazed into the man's face once more. But still...
You were taught nothing but hard work and lady like manners. The dangers of the outside world.
this freedom tasted so good.
You blinked once more with your (e/c) eyes. It shined as you continued to gaze into Arthur. He didn't seem all bad.
You ran to a mirror to make sure you weren't dreaming. Rushing to it as your hair seemed to drift behind you. You gazed into your reflection.
This was you. This was real. This was the girl with
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 41 13
Pirate!England x Reader The Bonds Of TIme...Pt 3
Chapter 3-Who says Frying Pan's aren't useful?
Reader's POV
You spin around suddenly, dropping a drinkers mug onto the floor that you were just scrubbing.
"Damn these Europeans." You curse under your breath. Everyone in the bar spun around to the door.
There stood a man with curly brown hair and laughter that echoed through the cabin. Wearing a majestic green coat that fluttered when he walked.
"So Amigo. Care for me to kill you here now?" The man laughed strutting in. You turned to see to who he was talking to.
It was that blonde haired man again! The same one with those sparkling eyes any woman would fall for. However, you just gave a huff as the arrogant Spaniard walked towards him more.
"What do you want Antonio?" Hiccuped the Blond one. His emerald eyes rolling. Clearly he drunk to much rum.
"To do this." Suddenly, Antonio pulled out a pistol sticking it to Britain's head. You gasp.
"Put that gun away now!" You cry. Your hair still tucked under a bandana that made you look oddly l
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 44 39
Pirate!UK x Reader The Bonds of Time...Pt 2
Chapter 2-The Curse of The Maiden
Arthur's POV
Arthur sat in the chair of the Lotus Bar. Welcome to Traders and Sailors of Western Culture. He winced as his chest snapped in pain.
It was working again. As if his body didn't have enough problems to deal with.
Another sharp jab came up to him again. He shook his head. The memories of the battles and pillages still going. His heart finally making his turn.
The burn. The Pain. The hate. The curse.
Arthur Kirkland was a cursed man. His ancestors, Pirates before him out of greed and lust killed men and woman heartlessly before the eye. His ancestors could never find love and compassion in their black hearts. Each passing day it happened to Arthur. A monster who couldn't control himself. A monster that would kill helpless people before the eye. Never to find the warmth of love.
Each day, The Pirates of Arthur's ancestors were visited by a fair maiden. She was angelic. Swore and begged for them to stop and find love.
But they didn't.
On the 13
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 48 15
Pirate!UK x Reader The Bonds of Time...Pt 1 cont.
Chapter 1-The Ship of Memories
It was ll so clear. So vivid as London explained it all to Mexico. You were brought back to that day. That day that changed you forever.
You worked by the docks that brisk day fishing and trapping in the Eastern Harbor of China. You had gone and done it.
You had runaway from home.
Your face was plastered on the wall along with the faces of numerous pirates. The Captain of The Santa Maria who pillaged along the East Coast since you could remember. The Notorious Pirates of Prussia and France. And last was a picture of the ship you've heard in so many stories by the fisherman.
The Black Rose.
You held your fishing net tight. You were gathering a meal for the Local Inn. The Paper Lotus. And in the middle of the plastered papers was again..your face. You could here the other traders who docked their ships in the harbor read it aloud.
"The Bounty for The Missing Princess of China." Read one with a shaggy beard poking his comrade.
"Oi, that Emperor must be
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 61 2
Pirate!England x Reader...The Bonds of Time Pt 1
Prolougue-The Girl with the Memory
"Oh why here. Why now. I thought I would never see him again!" You cried frantically slipping into the shadows of the walls.
They were all here. Spain. Prussia. France. And...him.
Even your brother was still giving him the evil eye. You put your hand to your face. "Oh Yao." You thought.
But why here? Why now? Wasn't he out of your life? Weren't you through with him? This was insane!
You glanced back at him once more. He and America were too busy poking France. You sighed. Slinking down into a sitting position.
They were all here. All here. You couldn't bare to look at them even. You looked out the window to watch the snow fall softly onto the ground.
Why though? Why here and now? The pain scorched you hard. Suddenly, your friend Mexico came by along with London. They sat next to you.
"Hey whats a matter ___________? You look pale." Mexico cried glancing from side to side. "Did somebody hurt you? Where is he I want to see him right now!!!"
London sighe
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 119 15
Love and War :: Dark!UK x Reader [Pt 5]
Deal with the devil
Your POV
"Naughty. Naughty indeed." Chuckled the Necromancer with even more stinging malice in his voice.
You toppled into his swirling pool as light reflected onto your backside and you leaned backwards as he seemed to almost float into you.
"What to do. Tsk Tsk, what to do with my little prisoner?" he smirked at you as you felt your face burn hot in fury.
"I am no ones prisoner you bastard!" you growled furiously at the arrogant Magician who seemed to take the word 'bastard' as a simple compliment. He sighed and shrugged it off and you felt more infuriated as he did so. He seemed to be taunting you and very much enjoying it. Much to your displeasure...
"You know, that attitude of yours isn't going to get us anywhere. And beware, I'm being nice at the moment." he chuckled darkly as his feet were lifted into the air and he seemed to float there with a sadistic and demonic look plastered on his face.
But he was right.
You were at his mercy now and there was nothing y
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 53 40
Love and War :: Dark!UK x Reader [Pt 3]
Duel in the shadows
You awoken sharply from what seemed a nightmarish dream as you head jerked sharply upwards. You were a bit in a daze as your head spun the slightest and you gazed around curiously at your surroundings…which to be honest were not what you had expected. It was hard to see clearly at first for you had forgotten all that had happened to you when you had escaped from the palace’s walls just hours and hours ago. Now…where were you?
A creeping chill ran up your own spine as you peered along your surrounding areas. Your view came into focus when finally you realized that you were no longer in the woods anymore. You backed up against the wall as you felt your body panting and your mind wandering. Not only did your head spin but your felt like you weren’t exactly “free” just yet. Rubbing your temples, you tried to recall what had happened back in the dark drizzling woods. It was still raining outside and your cloak was running along the f
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 41 13
Love and War :: Dark!UK x Reader [Pt 2]
Escape into the Night
The rain flushed against the roof of the high and towering castle. It was drizzling down slowly as the small streams of water ran down the clear glass windows like little jets. Sparking with movement and "life" if so to speak. Although the clouds encircled the dreary and dark sky, the Night was unraveling itself around the spires of the castle. The evening was cold, damp, and gloomy. It was silent, as only the wind whipped the slightest bit on the outskirts. The trees were brushed by its swaying motion and brought around as leaves began to trickle from its branches.
Not only did the outside of the castle felt cold and dreary but the inside as well. The kitchen was left alone in the darkness with its pots and pans laying upside-down on its regular hooks and only an upturned knife, one that was pierced into the cutting board, was left to show. Its handle sticking upward towards the sky and the rain never ending its drizzle and gentle fall.
Or at least, gentle for no
:iconpandachick0508:PandaChick0508 57 21


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